Topp Racing’s Porsche Carrera Cup North America rookie Colin Kaminsky arrived at last weekend’s Watkins Glen rounds with a new car, new paint scheme, and an even bigger respect for the modern safety advances in motorsport.

The former Indy NXT driver debuted this year at Sebring International Raceway and adapted quickly to finish fifth in his first-ever race in the series. He followed that up with another top-ten finish in seventh in round two.

However, his pair of Formula 1 weekends in Miami and Montreal didn’t quite go to plan. The heavy rain in Sunday’s race in Montreal hampered both traction and vision for the entire field, and Kaminsky, unfortunately, lost control under braking in race two, heading into the final corner.

His No.77 Porsche slid sideways towards the chicane and suffered a dramatic, heavy impact with the Tecpro barrier. Kaminsky ended up in the middle of the road and, fortunately, did not suffer any secondary impacts. Thankfully, he was able to exit the car via the passenger side.

His Topp Racing squad then began a race of their own, putting together a new car for the former open-wheel racer to make the grid for Watkins Glen.

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“I went in too deep under braking and lost the rear. I knew I had messed up significantly and that I wanted to get the car turned,” Kaminsky said.

“My first thought was that I had two options. I knew it was going to crash and I didn’t know if it was going to be in the pit lane or in the wall. I didn’t want to go anywhere near the pit lane without knowing who might be standing there, so I chose the wall because I knew I wasn’t going to clear the corner.

“I had time to brace for it – tighten every muscle in my body and get ready for impact. But I knew that it was going to hurt.

“After I came to a stop, I was very shocked that nothing hurt at all. The fact that I got to race at Watkins Glen after walking away from that accident with no broken bones or a concussion is remarkable.

“It’s just a huge testament to the safety of these Porsche race cars that we get to race. Not only that but the advances in our safety equipment, my Bell helmet, the Hans device, the Tecpro barrier – every racer is very thankful for all these advancements.”

As soon as the checkered flag fell in Montreal, the Topp Racing team moved into high gear to get Kaminsky back on track for Watkins Glen.

“The team’s effort was just insane. The tub was destroyed in that crash, but they ordered a new one and built a new car—it is the fastest they’ve ever put a car together. Remarkably, it took them two days!

“By the third day, they were wrapping the car in a brand new livery. The team actually had to split up a bit as they had commitments in Porsche Sprint Challenge the following weekend.

“It really was remarkable. Post Montreal, they headed to Texas where their shop is, build the car, and then be on track at Watkins Glen – it is a logistical miracle and it’s a huge testament to them and how strong and capable they are.”

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Kaminsky repaid their faith in him at Watkins Glen by qualifying eighth and finishing both races in the top ten for the second time this season – seventh in race one and ninth in round two.

That in itself would have counted as a win for Topp Racing – but they went even better with Ryan Yardley clinching his and the team’s first overall victory in round seven.

Despite his dramatic Montreal weekend, Kaminsky loved racing not only in Montreal but on all the tracks on the Porsche Carrera Cup North America schedule this year.

“It was a cool event and despite the bad memories, Montreal is still a cool track,” he said.

“I’m really enjoying my time in Porsche Carrera Cup North America. It’s incredibly competitive and I love all the tracks that we’re going to, which is really cool. I had never been to Watkins Glen before, I haven’t raced at Road Atlanta either.

“It’s so very cool to get a diverse calendar, race in front of the IMSA paddock, and at the Formula 1 events to showcase myself.”